RISE and restore



Rise and Restore
Heroes and Families
Mental Health & Wellness Training

Rise and Restore training is effective evidence based training in the prevention of PTSD for First Responders, Military personnel and Families. The one day training is created through labor of love and our deep appreciation and admiration for those we serve.

​Upon completion of this course, participants will have an understanding that coping with stress can be a challenge for anyone. There are many stressors for First Responders, their spouses/partners, and their children. Stresses include: 

schedule changes, issues with work partners or other staff, physical stresses, impact of work schedule or changes on family, calls that will impact the first responder (e.g., serious injury to or death of a child) • responses to major disasters or acts of terrorism.

Program Outline:
Upon completion of this course participants will have an understanding of how their work affects them and their families. Participants will learn how to cover each others  six, how to overcome occupational stressors and how to utilize resources and services to ensure behavioral health and wellness.

Code 9 Family assistance program


Code 9 Family Assistance Program

CODE 9 FAMILY ASSISTANCE Program - Facilitated by First Responder Family members

First Responder Families need our help! When it comes to their loved ones exhibiting troublesome behavior due to stress, anxiety and PTSD, it is the family members who see the changes first. Through this 1 day effective family educational program created for the unique circumstances these families face, help can be accessed sooner than later. This program can aid in the prevention of chaos caused by the trauma first responders face so we can give the families a fighting chance to stay united. We must teach the families what to look out for and most importantly how to work on building a strong foundation for success. As the wife of a retired law enforcement officer diagnosed with PTSD, I know first hand how crucial it is to give the wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters, bothers and other family members the tools needed to make it through the tough times. If your department or organization is interested in bringing the “Code 9 Family Assistance“ program to your First Responder family members, please feel free to contact me (Deborah) at Code9nonprofit@gmail.com
Our Family team members know how real this is and we are committed to helping your families.